Classic Meets Jazz

The Orchestra


The Brasov Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1970. Its initiator and conductor was I. Ionescu-Galati, general music director of the Brasov Philharmonics in between 1973 - 1987. The first generation of musicians included 21 young instrumentalists, selected from the Symphonic Orchestra. Soon after its start, the Brasov Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra became a prestigious music ensemble. From the beginning, it demonstrated technical and artistic mastery, subtle sonority, and authenticity in chamber music interpretation. Many internationally renown musicians have been soloists or conductors of the Chamber Orchestra: Viktor Tretiakov, Daniil Safran, Rafael Puyana, Jean Jacques Kantorow, Fran├žois - Joel Thiollier, Mihaela Martin, Remus Georgescu, Daisuke Soga and so on. The Brasov Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra attended all the 33 editions of the International Music Chamber Festival Brasov (between 1970 - 2005), realized several tours abroad (France - 1973, Germany - 1975, 1979, 1990 - 1999, Netherlands - 1975, Spain - 1976, Russia - 1977, the Czech Republic - 1978, Italy - 1981, Austria - 1985, Turkey - 1991, Japan - 1995 and Greece - 1998), and also recorded hundreds of minutes for the National Radio. Due to economical reasons, the ensemble ceased its activity in 1999. In January 2005, under the leadership of Mrs. Dr. Stela Dragulin, the general director of the Brasov Philharmonics, the ensemble took back its activity. Now the ensemble consists of 21 instrumentalists and the musical leadership belongs to Mr. Danut Manea, first violin player of the Symphonic and Chamber Music Orchestra.