Nicolas Simion Trio
Magic Drops

Nicolas Simion - soprano saxophone & bass clarinet
Florian Weber - Piano
Fausto Beccalossi - accordion
Chamber Jazz
Released 2011

Nicolas Simion Group & Chamber Strings Orchestra Brașov (Romania)
Classic Meets Jazz

Nicolas Simion - saxes, bass clarinet
Antonis Anissegos - piano
Norbert Scholly - guitar
Chris Dahlgren - bass
Alan Jones - drums
Vom Rumänischen Kulturinstitut im Rahmen des "Cantemir"-Programms finanziertes Projekt
Released 2011

Nicolas Simion Group
Live in Bad Ischl (Austria)

Zoltán Lantos - violin
Martin Lubenov - accordion
Jura Wajda - cimbalom
Martin Gjakonovski - bass
Nicolas Simion - soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, tarogato
Released 2010

Nicolas Simion Quartet
Jeu des Garçons

Nicolas Simion - tenor saxophone
Michael Cain - piano
Lonnie Plaxico - bass
Peter Perfido - drums
Recorded march 1993 at Benko Studio Vienna
mastering by Radu Marinescu & Nicolas Simion at Acoustic Entertainment Studio in Cologne, march 2008
Released 2009

Nicolas Simion Group
Unfinished Square

Tomasz Stanko - trumpet
Nils Wogram - trombone
Nicolas Simion - tenor sax, soprano sax, tarogato
Andreas Mayerhofer - keyboards
Ed Schuller - bass
Jamey Haddad - drums and percussion
Recorded 1996 in Vienna
Mastered 2008 by Radu Marinescu
Released 2009

Duo Nicolas Simion & Florian Weber
Classic Meets Jazz vol. 1

Nicolas Simion
Florian Weber
Released 2008

Nicolas Simion - Florian Weber DUO
Romanian Dance

Nicolas Simion — soprano sax, tarogato, bass clarinet
Florian Weber — piano
Recorded may 2004 in Cologne and october 2004 in Bucharest
Mastering by Radu Marinescu at Acoustic Entertainment Studio in Cologne, march 2007
Released 2007

Nicolas Simion Group
Transylvanian Grooves

Nicolas Simion - soprano sax, bass clarinet, tarogato
Piotr Wojtasik - trumpet
Norbert Scholly - guitar
Florian Weber - piano
Sebastien Boisseau - bass
Alan Jones - drums
Live at Jazz Festival Viersen Sept. 2006
Released 2006

Nicolas Simion Group
Jazz Across the Border

Nicolas Simion - saxophone, bass clarinet
Zoltán Lantos - violin
Norbert Scholly - guitar, wald-zither
Martin Gjakonovski - bass, oud
Johannes Bockholt - drums, percussion
Released 2006

Michel Marre
Mamaliga Mood

Michel Marre - trumpet and bugle
Nicolas Simion - soprano and tenor sax
Liviu Marculescu - trombone 1
Ben Abarbanel-Wolff - tenor sax
Cristian Soleanu - alto sax
Vlad popescu - drums
Jan Roder - bass
Gheorghe Stan - cymbalum
Ioan Pieptanaru - tarogato
Marinica Botea - violin
Mircea Tiberian - piano
Cornel Oancea - trombone 2

Recorded in Bucharest, 2005
Released 2006

Richard Oschanitzky
Memorial Richard Oschanitzky vol. I

Richard Oschanitzky — piano
Ştefan Berindei — soprano and alto saxophone
Dan Mândrilă — tenor saxophone
Wolfgang Güttler — bass
Johnny Răducanu — bass
Eugen Gondi — drums
and many others
Radio recordings 1966 - 1971
Released 2006

Andreas Mayerhofer Trio featuring Nicolas Simion
Soir à la campagne

Nicolas Simion — saxophones, bass clarinet
Andreas Mayerhofer — piano, Fender Rhodes
Christian Wendt — bass
Wolfgang Kendl — drums
Recorded September 2005 at 3504 Productions, Krems, Austria
Released 2006

Mal Waldron Quartet
From dark into the light

Nicolas Simion - tenor saxophone
Mal Waldron - piano
Ed Schuller - bass
Victor Jones - drums
Recorded live at Satiricon in Essen, Göttingen & Münster, during the Jim Pepper memorial tour. Recording dates: 4th, 18th april 1992 and 10th, 11th october 1994.
Released 2006

Nicolas Simion Band
Paris-Transylvania Express

Nicolas Simion - saxophones
Piotr Wojtasik - trumpet
David Patrois - vibraphone
Olivier Gatto - bass
Benjamin Henocq - drums
Recorded March 2004 Bucharest, Romania
Released 2005


Piotr Wojtasik — trumpet
François Theberge — c melody and soprano saxophone
Nicolas Simion — bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, tarogato
Michel Donato — bass
John Betsch — drums
Recorded by Winicjusz Chrust, Warsaw, Poland, October 2004
Released 2005

Nicolas Simion Trio
The Wild Dogs

Nicolas Simion - tenor sax, bass clarinet
Angus Bangus Thomas - e-bass
Peter Perfido - drums
Recorded May 2005 in Bucharest, Romania
Released 2004

time ebbing

Nicolas Simion — sax, bass clarinet
Dave Easley — pedal steel guitar
James Singleton — bass
Jeffrey Boudreaux — drums
Recorded July 2004 in Paris
Released 2004

Sabin Pautza
Saxophone Concerto

Iassy Philarmonic conducted by Sabin Pautza
Soloist Nicolas Simion, saxophones
Recorded live 2004 in Iassy, Romania
Released 2004

Nicolas Simion Group
Live at Stockwerk Graz

Lee Konitz — alto saxophone
Nicolas Simion — soprano and tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Jancsy Körössy — piano
James Singleton — bass
Peter Perfido — drums
Recorded live 7 November 2001 at the Stockwerk jazz club, Graz, Austria
Released 2003

Vasilić Nenad Balkan Band
Joe Jack

Nicolas Simion — tenor and soprano saxophone
Stefan Heckel — piano
Dusan Novakov — drums
Vasilić Nenad — bass
Predo Peric — percussion
Recorded June 2002 at 4tune Studio, Vienna, Austria
Released 2003

The Music of Jim Pepper

Jim Pepper - soprano saxophone, vocals
Floy Pepper - narration
Caren Knight-Pepper - vocals, percussion
Pete 'Wyoming' Bender - vocals
Nicolas Simion - tenor & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Nicole Kämpgen-Schuller - alto saxophone, vocals
Kirk Lightsey - piano
Bill Bickford - guitar
Ed Schuller - bass
George Schuller - drums
Topo Gioia - percussion
Pat Moore - pow-wow drum, vocals
Garland Kent Jr. - pow-wow drum, vocals
Arranged and conducted by Gunther Schuller with WDR Radio Orchestra & The Remembrance Band (band leader Ed Schuller)
Released 2002

Jancsy Körössy — Nicolas Simion DUO
Live in Transylvania

Jancsy Körössy — piano
Nicolas Simion — tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Recorded live at the Transylvania State Philharmony Hall, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 20. November 2001
Released 2002

Simone Guiducci Gramelot Ensemble

Simone Guiducci — acoustic guitar
Fausto Beccalossi — accordeon
Achille Succi — clarinets
Guido Bombardieri — clarinets
Roberto Dani — drums, percussion
Salvatore Maiore — acoustic bass
Ralph Alessi — trumpet
Erik Friedlander — cello
Maria Pia de Vito — vocals
Chris Speed — clarinet
Nicolas Simion — soprano sax
Recorded April - June 2001 at ArteSuono, Udine, Italy; CdpmLion Studio, Bergamo, Italy; CSM Studio, Verona, Italy
Released 2002

Nicolas Simion Group
Balkan Jazz

Nicolas Simion - soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Dusko Goykovich - trumpet, flugelhorn
Martin Gjakonovski - bass, oud
Geoff Goodman - guitar, mandocello
Norbert Scholly - guitar, waldzither
Tom Skinner - drums
Ramesh Shotam - percussion
Recorded live at the Stadtgarten, Cologne

BALKAN JAZZ features some of the most beautiful popular songs of the Balkans, as well as some originals, composed in the Balkan idiom. We wanted to create a musical image of the whole region of the Balkans.
Nicolas Simion
Released 2001

Christian Muthspiel / octet ost
Austrian JazzArt

Christian Muthspiel — trombone
Anca Parghel — vocal
Tomasz Stanko — trumpet
Anatoly Vapirov — soprano, alto and tenor saxophone
Nicolas Simion — soprano and tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Klaus Koch — bass
Wladimir Tarasov — drums
Sainkho Namtchilak — vocal
Recorded May 1990 at Opus Studios, Bratislava, Slovakia
Released 2001

Nicolas Simion Trio
Nick at Night

Nicolas Simion - tenor & soprano saxophone
Andy McKee - bass
Billy Kilson - drums
Nicolas Simion, the Romanian with an Austrian passport, shows with this production what can emerge from Europe's cultural roots. Back to the Roots? Forward to the Roots!
Herbert Uhlir, ORF (Jazz Division OE1)
Released 2000

Nicolas Simion Group featuring Tomasz Stanko
Viaggio Imaginario

Tomasz Stanko - trumpet
Nicolas Simion - reeds
Christian Muthspiel - trombone
Ed Schuller - bass
Peter Perfido - drums
Angus Bangus Thomas - el-bass
Jamey Haddad - percussion
So this album you have in hand is the product of a long journey - un viaggio - I undertook over years together with a group of fabulous travel companions into the wide land of musical imagination.
Nicolas Simion
Released 1999

Art of the Duo. Mal Waldron, Nicolas Simion
The Big Rochade

Mal Waldron - piano
Nicolas Simion - soprano & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
He's full of talent and he's a fighter!
Mal Waldron on Nicolas Simion
Released 1999

Nicolas Simion
Back to the Roots

Nicolas Simion - tenor saxophone
Glen Fisher - bass
Peter Perfido - drums
Released 1997

Nicolas Simion
Luca's Dream

Nicolas Simion - soprano & tenor sax, kaval, percussion
Ed Schuller - acoustic bass
Patrice Heral - drums, tablas, percussion
Victor Jones - drums
Recorded 1994 in Vienna, Austria
Released 1997

Mal Waldron Quartet
Mal, Verve, Black & Blue 'Live' at Satiricon

Nicolas Simion - tenor saxophone
Mal Waldron - piano
Ed Schuller - bass
Victor Jones - drums
Recorded live at Satiricon, Essen, Germany, 2004
Released 1996

Nicolas Simion Quartet
Transylvanian Dance

Nicolas Simion - tenor & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, kalimba, caval
Tomasz Stanko - trumpet
Victor Jones - drums, vocals & percussion
Ed Schuller - bass
Recorded April 1994 in Vienna, Austria
Released 1995

Nicolas Simion Quartet
Dinner for Don Carlos

Tomasz Stanko - trumpet
Nicolas Simion - tenor sax
Ed Schuller - bass
Patrice Heral - drums
Recorded December 1991 in Vienna, Austria
Released 1993

Nicolas Simion Group
Black Sea

Graham Haynes - cornet
Nicolas Simion - soprano & tenor saxophone
Lonnie Plaxico - bass
Ronnie Burrage - drums
Ron Burton - piano
Recorded April 1991 in Vienna, Austria
Released 1992
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