Diskographie  (Classic Needs Jazz)

Nicolas Simion Group & Chamber Strings Orchestra Brașov (Romania)
Classic Meets Jazz

Nicolas Simion - saxes, bass clarinet
Antonis Anissegos - piano
Norbert Scholly - guitar
Chris Dahlgren - bass
Alan Jones - drums
Vom Rumänischen Kulturinstitut im Rahmen des "Cantemir"-Programms finanziertes Projekt
Released 2011

Duo Nicolas Simion & Florian Weber
Classic Meets Jazz vol. 1

Nicolas Simion
Florian Weber
Released 2008

Richard Oschanitzky
Memorial Richard Oschanitzky vol. I

Richard Oschanitzky — piano
Ştefan Berindei — soprano and alto saxophone
Dan Mândrilă — tenor saxophone
Wolfgang Güttler — bass
Johnny Răducanu — bass
Eugen Gondi — drums
and many others
Radio recordings 1966 - 1971
Released 2006

Sabin Pautza
Saxophone Concerto

Iassy Philarmonic conducted by Sabin Pautza
Soloist Nicolas Simion, saxophones
Recorded live 2004 in Iassy, Romania
Released 2004

The Music of Jim Pepper

Jim Pepper - soprano saxophone, vocals
Floy Pepper - narration
Caren Knight-Pepper - vocals, percussion
Pete 'Wyoming' Bender - vocals
Nicolas Simion - tenor & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Nicole Kämpgen-Schuller - alto saxophone, vocals
Kirk Lightsey - piano
Bill Bickford - guitar
Ed Schuller - bass
George Schuller - drums
Topo Gioia - percussion
Pat Moore - pow-wow drum, vocals
Garland Kent Jr. - pow-wow drum, vocals
Arranged and conducted by Gunther Schuller with WDR Radio Orchestra & The Remembrance Band (band leader Ed Schuller)
Released 2002
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