Diskographie  (Duo)

Nicolas Simion - Florian Weber DUO
Romanian Dance

Nicolas Simion — soprano sax, tarogato, bass clarinet
Florian Weber — piano
Recorded may 2004 in Cologne and october 2004 in Bucharest
Mastering by Radu Marinescu at Acoustic Entertainment Studio in Cologne, march 2007
Released 2007

Jancsy Körössy — Nicolas Simion DUO
Live in Transylvania

Jancsy Körössy — piano
Nicolas Simion — tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Recorded live at the Transylvania State Philharmony Hall, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 20. November 2001
Released 2002

Art of the Duo. Mal Waldron, Nicolas Simion
The Big Rochade

Mal Waldron - piano
Nicolas Simion - soprano & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
He's full of talent and he's a fighter!
Mal Waldron on Nicolas Simion
Released 1999
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