Discography  (Sideman)

Michel Marre
Mamaliga Mood

Michel Marre - trumpet and bugle
Nicolas Simion - soprano and tenor sax
Liviu Marculescu - trombone 1
Ben Abarbanel-Wolff - tenor sax
Cristian Soleanu - alto sax
Vlad popescu - drums
Jan Roder - bass
Gheorghe Stan - cymbalum
Ioan Pieptanaru - tarogato
Marinica Botea - violin
Mircea Tiberian - piano
Cornel Oancea - trombone 2

Recorded in Bucharest, 2005
Released 2006

Andreas Mayerhofer Trio featuring Nicolas Simion
Soir à la campagne

Nicolas Simion — saxophones, bass clarinet
Andreas Mayerhofer — piano, Fender Rhodes
Christian Wendt — bass
Wolfgang Kendl — drums
Recorded September 2005 at 3504 Productions, Krems, Austria
Released 2006

Mal Waldron Quartet
From dark into the light

Nicolas Simion - tenor saxophone
Mal Waldron - piano
Ed Schuller - bass
Victor Jones - drums
Recorded live at Satiricon in Essen, Göttingen & Münster, during the Jim Pepper memorial tour. Recording dates: 4th, 18th april 1992 and 10th, 11th october 1994.
Released 2006


Piotr Wojtasik — trumpet
François Theberge — c melody and soprano saxophone
Nicolas Simion — bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, tarogato
Michel Donato — bass
John Betsch — drums
Recorded by Winicjusz Chrust, Warsaw, Poland, October 2004
Released 2005

time ebbing

Nicolas Simion — sax, bass clarinet
Dave Easley — pedal steel guitar
James Singleton — bass
Jeffrey Boudreaux — drums
Recorded July 2004 in Paris
Released 2004

Vasilić Nenad Balkan Band
Joe Jack

Nicolas Simion — tenor and soprano saxophone
Stefan Heckel — piano
Dusan Novakov — drums
Vasilić Nenad — bass
Predo Peric — percussion
Recorded June 2002 at 4tune Studio, Vienna, Austria
Released 2003

Simone Guiducci Gramelot Ensemble

Simone Guiducci — acoustic guitar
Fausto Beccalossi — accordeon
Achille Succi — clarinets
Guido Bombardieri — clarinets
Roberto Dani — drums, percussion
Salvatore Maiore — acoustic bass
Ralph Alessi — trumpet
Erik Friedlander — cello
Maria Pia de Vito — vocals
Chris Speed — clarinet
Nicolas Simion — soprano sax
Recorded April - June 2001 at ArteSuono, Udine, Italy; CdpmLion Studio, Bergamo, Italy; CSM Studio, Verona, Italy
Released 2002

Christian Muthspiel / octet ost
Austrian JazzArt

Christian Muthspiel — trombone
Anca Parghel — vocal
Tomasz Stanko — trumpet
Anatoly Vapirov — soprano, alto and tenor saxophone
Nicolas Simion — soprano and tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Klaus Koch — bass
Wladimir Tarasov — drums
Sainkho Namtchilak — vocal
Recorded May 1990 at Opus Studios, Bratislava, Slovakia
Released 2001

Mal Waldron Quartet
Mal, Verve, Black & Blue 'Live' at Satiricon

Nicolas Simion - tenor saxophone
Mal Waldron - piano
Ed Schuller - bass
Victor Jones - drums
Recorded live at Satiricon, Essen, Germany, 2004
Released 1996
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