Nicolas Simion Group
Transylvanian Jazz

feat. zoltan lantos viol.
nicolas simion reeds (cl., bass cl., sop., ten., caval)
martin lubenov acc.
giani lincan cymbalon
sorin romanescu guit.
martin gjakonovski bass
boris petrov drums
The picture of the whole project is pretty colorful with sounds and musical elements from all parts of Eastern Europe—Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Turkey—combined with folk, pop, modern jazz and Gypsy music sounds. My inspiration also came from life experiences—children, people, anniversaries, weddings, parties at the village pub, even bear dancing! (As a child I was fascinated to watch a few people walk into the village square with a bear in tow and make the bear dance for us by playing a tiny drum and singing to him.) The landscapes, the forest, the sea—everything— is part of the small universe or microcosmos, call it village, town, city, country or planet.

By keeping the music easier and simpler and by following the mood of each song, the spirit and the soul of it can come alive. This was always my idea, to make a timeless music. Now how good we did it—it's up to you to say.
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Nicolas Simion Group
"Transylvanian Grooves"

Piotr Wojtasik — trumpet
Nicolas Simion — saxes
Norbert Scholly — guitar
Martin Gjakonovski — bass
Jonas Burgwinkel — drums
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